YouTube Shorts Drive-Thru

We partnered with 39 YouTube creators – with a combined reach of 500M followers – to create custom snacks and trading cards.

These snacks and trading cards were up for grabs at the YouTube Shorts Drive-Thru activation at VidCon and website through individual Shorts challenges tied to each YouTube creator. 

Alongside the Drive-Thru, we also collaborated with MrBeast and built a 40-foot tall gumball machine full of Feastable chocolate bars and other prizes that you must share a Short in order to play. 

CREATIVE DIRECTION: Jack Colley, Thomas Manion
ART DIRECTION & DESIGN: Deborah Ho, Logan Kornhauser, Claudia Chagui
DESIGN LEAD: Kittaya Treseangrat
DESIGN: Deborah Ho, Saint Urbain, Stephanie Falaschetti, Candy Brophy, Mathilde Vallée, Mat Voyce, Martina Galarza ANIMATION: Mat Voyce
COPYWRITING: Jack Colley, Lizzy Hopkinson, Emma Dou PRODUCTION: James Richardson, Sierra Woods, Carli Rosenfield, MAS Productions
SNACKS PHOTOGRAPHY ART DIRECTION: Kittaya Treseangrat, Jessica Marak, Logan Kornhauser, Jack Colley PROP DESIGN: Liza Nelson

The Activations:

YouTube Shorts Drive-Thru

MrBeast / Feastables Gumball Machine

The Snacks:


Trading Cards:

Ordering Kiosks:

Creator Lockups: